Gratitude in a Time of Distress

Royal Law Firm PLLC

Royal Law Firm PLLC

Gratitude in a Time of Distress

For many, 2020 probably marks a year of greater trials and tribulations than most in recent history. It is also a year that has brought us together, as a community of support.


2020 is making history – not merely with the horrors accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic, but with showing the widespread compassion, unity, and a grand recognition of humanity. For that, we are grateful. A note to our clients, friends, and professional affiliates, this Thanksgiving week:


1.    We are grateful for your entrusting us with protecting your loved ones and sharing your hope with us by planning for the future through estate planning 


2.    We are grateful for your inspiration in continuing to build your businesses and that we could play a small part in its formation and success


3.    We are grateful that we could help you manage the probate and estate administration affairs of your deceased loved ones estates so you could focus on your families and coping with your loss


4.    We are grateful for your faith in us in navigating through the administrative burdens and legal requirements of charity as you made wonderful strides in philanthropy aiming to heal each other as a community


5.    We are grateful for your patience, compassion, and understanding, that, we as your trusted advisors and legal counsel, like you, care for and love our families


We are grateful for the opportunities, especially the opportunities to serve, through the Bar Associations, through and with nonprofits, through our communities, and with pro bono service – to share our legal knowledge and to provide representation where it was needed most. 


Priya Prakash Royal selected Villanova Law almost 20 years ago primarily because of its focus on law as a service profession and its mission: Veritas, Unitas, Caritas – Truth, Unity, and Love. 2020 has been a year to especially prove our commitment to this mission. Together, we will persist and surpass. Happy Thanksgiving! 


Always add something more. Keep on going. Always forge ahead.”

St. Augustine of Hippo, Sermon 169, 18