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Wealth Planning  Tax Law

The Royal Law Firm counsels clients on a variety of wealth and tax planning areas at both the business and individual levels. We remain updated on the constantly changing federal and state income tax laws, and stay abreast on case law to address issues in an efficient manner for our clients on their businesses and in their personal affairs. We collaborate with attorneys in several related areas, including corporate law, securities law, employment, litigation, real estate, family law, bankruptcy, international law, and more to ensure we are providing tax efficient and comprehensive services to our clients. The firm’s multijurisdictional and multidisciplinary practice is enhanced by its global network of well-reputed professionals who focus their practices in related areas of the law. 

Recognized Tax Experience and Expertise

The Royal Law Firm’s attorneys are highly-reputed, have served as expert witness, and have a background as IRS tax attorneys, familiar with billion dollar estates, to corporate governance in multinational companies. Our attorneys are also in leadership positions in tax sections of national organizations and bar associations, recognized speakers at prominent seminars, mentor future tax professionals, and have developed training materials for attorneys and legal professionals. Some of the recent engagements include: 

Co-chair of the Tax Section for the South Asian Bar Association North America

Leadership in the Estates, Trusts, and Probate Law Steering Committee of the DC Bar

Speaker at the USPTO National Trademark Expo on Celebrity Estates

Speaker at the DC Appraisal Institute on Estate Valuations

Publication by Heritage Art Auctions on Digital Art in Estate Administration 

Our specific tax services cover a range of areas, including:

Practice Areas

Wealth Planning & Tax

Business Law and Tax

Estate Planning and Administration

Cross-border Estates and Probate

Nonprofit Law

Tax Controversy