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Business Law and Tax

The Royal Law Firm’s Tax and Wealth Planning practice frequently intersects with Business Transactions. We counsel clients on the federal income tax considerations and consequences in various business transactions. There are substantial tax implications in the formation of a business entity, to operations, to structuring distributions, key employee compensation issues, to termination and sale of business, and business expansion, including venture capital and reorganizations. We incorporate our current and frequently updated legal knowledge in the ever-changing field of global, federal, state, and local tax legislation to optimize the advisory services we provide to our clients. Our team of attorneys experienced in corporate transactions and law, along with our network of legal professionals at international firms, enable us to provide comprehensive services in business transactions in a streamlined and efficient manner. 

We are also familiar with the practice and procedures of the IRS and work closely with the Office of the Chief Counsel and state revenue and tax authorities to address all tax compliance and regulatory issues for our clients. We provide tax opinions on complex tax issues to support tax compliance and business strategic goals for our clients.

Outside Counsel Service for Business Operations

We work closely with business owners and the leadership, as well as corporate counsel in structured transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations (asset and stock transfers), U.S. entry for foreign businesses, domestic and international business expansions, commercial transactions, service contracting, and related areas. We also provide counsel and assist with formation of business entities, structuring and advising on distributions, redemptions, terminations, consolidations, reorganizations, spin-offs, split-offs, liquidations, venture capital, partnership, S Corporation and LLC/LLP issues. 

We also collaborate with counsel internationally on cross-border transactions to advice clients on various international issues, including transfer pricing issues, tax treaties, CFC (controlled foreign corporation) and (ASG) affiliated service group issues, and domestic tax issues on foreign investments and foreign investors. 


We also draft and negotiate various business agreements, including nondisclosures, noncompetes, buy-sell agreements, asset purchase agreements, executive compensation agreements, shareholder and partnership agreements, and other agreements. 

Individual Tax Counsel

We represent dual and multinational clients in addressing complex federal income tax issues and navigate the tax laws in planning investments, asset protection strategies, and other business and personal planning. We provide tax opinions on U.S. tax implications on income abroad and for non-citizens, as well as advise clients on the acquisition of assets, such as residential and commercial real estate, investing in businesses, including hedge funds, and related areas.

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